The Intelligent Marketing Institute (TIMI) is a specialist customer engagement consultancy offering top-tier marketing expertise. We help you overcome the issue of internal silos contacting your customers independently with conflicting comms, gain insight on your real-time audience needs through the comms they are consuming and also allow sales attribution to marketing activity. We do this by aligning your end-to-end communications around customer journeys. We offer a variety of services ranging from a review of your existing customer engagement capabilities to understand what is going on, what is working well, what needs to be improved and identifying quick wins. We then design a range of new strategies including Customer Journey Mapping, a Content Strategy, a Customer Contact Strategy as well as Technical and Process designs. Finally we work alongside you to implement these new strategies, which can include the introduction and integration of new technologies, internal training and stakeholder engagement. Our approach is to work with you and skill up your internal teams so we leave a vastly improved business that engages intelligently with their customers and as a result achieves significant business growth.


Aly Richards Circle

Aly Richards, CEO

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Scott McLean, COO

The Intelligent Marketing Institute was founded by Aly Richards and Scott McLean who were frustrated with the way businesses were engaging and communicating with their customers. Scott was a former journalist and Managing Director of a PR company with expertise in developing and executing content programmes that engaged target audiences. However, he felt his clients were failing to realise the full commercial potential of those engagement programmes because they lacked the internal commercial integration that would convert engagement into measurable commercial return.

Aly was the former Head of CRM at O2 and spearheaded the world’s first Customer Decision Engine. This took all of a customer’s data and, based on their previous behaviour and interactions, recommended to the customer services operator the next best decision that would most likely retain, cross sell or upsell the customer. This saw a multi-million pound increase in EBITDA. However, although Aly had no problem influencing an engaged audience she faced the problem of getting access to an engaged audience and driving them to contact her team to allow the decision engine to work.

In other words, Scott had a lot of experience engaging audiences and Aly had a lot of experience extracting and demonstrating a commercial return from an engaged audience, but a way to effectively connect the two did not currently exist. As such, Aly and Scott joined forces to develop an approach and range of services that focusses on mapping audience journeys to bridge the gap from initial audience engagement through to sales engagement and on to customer engagement. This delivers tangible ROI from marketing activity, accurate sales forecasting and greater opportunities to deliver more value to and from a customer via an ongoing relationship.


Intelligent customer engagement book

In the modern digital world we know businesses need to operate differently to remain competitive and sustain growth. To achieve this, businesses need to be more customer-centric and make their customer engagement more intelligent through the use of integrated strategies and the integration and application of technology. We developed our range of end-to-end services to cater to this need and we are confident that the future of business is about winning the battle of customer engagement and converting this engagement into a tangible business return and meaningful customer relationships. To share our vision with the wider business community, we have written a book detailing what the future of marketing should look like. Called ‘Intelligent Customer Engagement: The Future of Content Marketing’, our book takes you through a step-by-step approach on where businesses need to focus and what they can do to make their customer engagement more intelligent. Our five star rated book is available to buy now on Amazon.


We have a number of clients both B2C and B2B of varying sizes. No matter what your industry or size, we have a range of experts available to help you achieve the changes you require.

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