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We work with B2C and B2B businesses to develop content strategies that stretch beyond just engaging with target audiences but actually go on to form part of an audience journey that can demonstrate a clear commercial return. Our approach to content strategy creation covers the entire audience journey from initial marketing engagement (awareness), on to sales engagement (purchase), and then on to customer engagement (retention, cross-sell and advocacy). This ability to map content in this way means you have a clear idea of what content you need to produce next, know that you are producing content that will move your audience towards a commercial goal and then attribute the content journey that led to commercial success. Below are the key steps in creating a commercial content strategy.

1. Understand Your Audience

1. Understand Your Audience

We begin by getting a clear idea of your business. We clarify and understand your commercial goals, what your audience personas are, what is an area of common ground, what would prompt your audience to engage with you, what their buying intent is and the mindset change they need to experience in order to make them receptive to achieving your commercial goal.

2. Map Audience Journeys

2. Map Audience Journeys

Once we know all the key components about your audience and their buying journey to your commercial goals we then map their content journey using the Content Strategy Platform, Odyssiant. Our approach uses proven Harvard research to break down a journey into 12 psychological steps that an audience needs to go through. We use Odyssiant to document these steps.

3. Create Content Briefs

3. Create Content Briefs

Once we have all your audience journeys mapped we can then create content briefs for each stage of the journey. To begin with we prioritise what journeys we think are most important and use these as the basis of our content creation. Each map contains  all the information required to write a compelling brief that can then be downloaded and sent directly to a content creator.


Click on each stage to find out more details on our approach in creating a content strategy that will deliver a commercial return.

If you would like our help to develop a content strategy please contact us to arrange a time to have a call and discuss your needs:

1. Map content to your audience's buying journeys

Content is the main connection between your company and your audience. We help you map your audience’s buying journeys towards your commercial goals and plan the content needed to support these journeys. Here we map your audience’s buying journey through the three buying stages: Marketing, Sales, and Customer engagement, allowing you to have an end-to-end content strategy that is truly customer-centric.

For the first time you can map the journey from the earliest marketing engagement through to consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy and plan the content needed to support every stage of those potential journeys. By basing the audience journeys on your company’s own commercial goals, we enable you to connect marketing with the entire sales and retention process. You will know what content to produce next, be able to create detailed briefs for all content and effectively manage your content workflow.

2. Deliver content intelligently

We use an automated journey planning tool that enables you to easily map your audience journeys and enables a content creation workflow.

Our technical marketing consultants will integrate the audience journey planning tool with your customer communications silos which, depending on the nature of your organisation, could include:

  • Integration with your marketing automation system to inform campaign content
  • Next best content recommendations on your website to increase engagement
  • Creation of a dedicated content hub to facilitate content journeys
  • Audience journey data into your CRM systems to provide context to your customer information

3. Demonstrate content ROI

Through our audience journey planner tool, we are able to monitor content consumption and track audience progress towards your commercial goals.

This also enables the interpretation of audience progress into sales forecasting by determining time to goal by audience persona.

If you would like to get started or want to understand more about audience journey planning and the transformation it can make to your content marketing strategy, please get in touch.


We use a dedicated content strategy platform called Odyssiant to support you in the implementation of a commercial content marketing strategy. Odyssiant is a Software as a Service (SaaS) content strategy platform that enables businesses to improve their audience engagement and commercialise their content investment. Based on a proven methodology adapted from Harvard, Odyssiant is the definitive tool for mapping your audience’s full buying journey and planning the content required to support those journeys.

Odyssiant allows you to create an end-to-end content strategy that unifies your internal silos as well as engaging the entirety of your audience, whilst also being able to measure engagement at every stage. Once mapped, users can create content briefs within Odyssiant for all the content required through that journey – for example, articles, infographics, case studies, white papers or videos for the website, e-mail marketing campaigns or ongoing customer communications. Odyssiant is the definitive tool for the planning and creation of audience-centric content. It can integrate with your existing systems if required and can provide powerful insight into audience journeys, meaning it adds to your existing marketing and services ecosystem instead of replacing it, making it an easy tool to adopt and use.

Odyssiant content strategy platform


Outputs & Deliverables

  • Understanding of your current content activity across the business
  • A defined commercial goal you want to target with content
  • Clearly defined audience personas and their reasons for engaging
  • Audience journeys mapped towards a commercial goal
  • Content briefs for all content required to convert your audience
  • A content strategy that delivers tangible commercial ROI

Benefits & Results

  • Increase the effectiveness of your content marketing
  • Demonstrate that your content investment has a clear attribution to sales
  • Improved customer experience by aligning all your audience content
  • Easier content creation by focussing on content to support audience journeys
  • See what content is and is not working and improve content efficiency
  • Powerful content analytics that improves forecasting and customer insight

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