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Customer Experience Maturity Model






Our model is benchmarked against research data. The research data looked at 450 companies across seven industry sectors and 12 countries (there were two respondents per company). The results from the survey provide a valuable benchmark for any organisation wishing to understand their position among their peers. At the end of completing the survey you will be able to compare your score to the research results.

Please enter your details below and we will provide you access to the survey, where you will be able to get the results instantly after you have finished.

(Please note the survey currently doesn’t work with iPads/iPhone’s and Andriod devices as the survey was built using flash. Please bear with us as we are in the process of updating it to be mobile friendly. It will work on your Desktop Windows PC and Mac, so grab a cup of coffee and do the survey at your desk and it will be easier to read your results report this way too!)

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