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Customer journey mapping is about understanding the journey from the customers’ point of view and this involves mapping the journey from initial engagement all the way through to experiencing the product or service once the customer has purchased and then on to the ongoing relationship. But alongside that it is important to understand what capabilities your brand is using to deliver on the customer experience throughout that journey. Below are the three key steps we go through when defining your customer journeys.

1. Diagnostics & Analysis

1. Diagnostics & Analysis

We will use our proprietary diagnostic tools to analyse your customer journeys across your entire organisation. You get clear insight on what to fix and what the priorities are. We score you across nine areas as indicated in the business reference model below and by ten principles using our Customer Experience Maturity Model.

2. Journey Design

2. Journey Design

We design your customer journeys from the “Outside In” using our audience journey planning tool. The result is journey maps that follow a psychological approach to how your customers actually experience your product or service. As a result you can create outstanding experiences when it really matters to your customers.

3. Implementation & Optimisation

3. Implementation & Optimisation

We work with you to create a prioritised implementation plan for the improvements to the customer journeys. This includes putting in measurement and reporting up-front so we can implement continuous improvement and optimise the journeys on an ongoing basis.


Below are more details on our approach in creating customer journey maps. If you would like our help to develop a your customer journey maps please contact us to arrange a time to have a call and discuss your needs:

1. Diagnostics & Analysis

Business Reference Model: When completing a customer journey mapping analysis, we use the Business Reference Model (BRM) as a structure to make sure that all the bases are covered so that we are not missing anything that may be causing issues in your customer journeys. There are nine building blocks that make up the BRM. However, they are not to be viewed as being in isolation from each other. Information gathered in one area will be fed into another area and they will overlap and interconnect. This structure ensures that we are not missing anything as the analysis is completed. To understand more about our Business Reference Model, click on the button below.

Quick wins: The result of the diagnostic and analysis approach we take, is that as well as recommending new strategies that will bring about considerable improvement in the longer term, we also identify “Quick Wins”. These are things that are simple to change and have a good return on improving the customer journeys in the short term.

Business Reference Model

2. Design Effectiveness & Efficiency

Design is firstly about creating the ideal customer journey maps. We design these using our audience journey planning tool that works on a template that is based on the emotional and psychological journey that your customers go through in any of their decision making. We will identify where there are key moments-of-truth experiences that you must get right for your customers and we will redesign these experiences with you where they are not ideal. Secondly, it is about reviewing the results of the analysis and working with you to design a capability transformation programme that allows your company to make the necessary internal changes to deliver great customer journeys and experiences.

3. Implement & Optimise

Implementation of new customer journeys is about changing both small(ish) things at a customer experience level and some big things for your organisation as a whole. As well as mapping your customer journeys we will map your internal journeys so that we can ease the process of implementing these changes and allow you to continue to optimise your customer journeys.



Outputs & Deliverables

  • Scoring and analysis results
  • Contact Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Systems and Processes change plan
  • Organisation change plan

Benefits & Results

  • Cost savings, increased loyalty, reduced churn & increased revenues
  • Deliver on your brand promise every time
  • Object insights
  • Avoid crisis
  • Effective communications and Content
  • Organisation, processes and systems alignment

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