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Our team will work with you to design and implement new strategies to improve your customer engagement and deliver commercial benefits from your marketing and communications. We have range of services that can be used in isolation or together that will enable you to deliver significant change. Our approach is very much around supporting and skilling up your internal teams so you can build your internal capabilities going forward. See below for more details on our strategy design services.


Customer Journey Mapping

We help you map your customer journeys from marketing engagement through to sales engagement and then onto ongoing customer engagement. Our approach to customer journey mapping provides marketing attribution to commercial return to achieve clear commercial ROI

Commercial Content Strategy

We work with you to create a content strategy that delivers measurable commercial return. We use the Odyssiant content strategy platform to map the content needed to support your audience’s buying journey and inform what content you need to produce next

Customer Contact Strategy

We help you identify all of your key customer contact touchpoints and devise a set of comprehensive rules and processes that enable you to communicate with your audience in the most effective way to enable increased sales and retention

System & Process Plan

We help you devise the most effective internal processes to achieve effective customer engagement with recommendations on what technology to use to ensure your customer engagement is as efficient and streamlined

Work with us to design new strategies to transform your customer engagement

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Marketing Capability Review

We help you understand where your current marketing capabilities and activities are by reviewing all your audience communications, content, technology setup and underlying processes

Implement Change

A strategy only provides real business benefits if it is implemented well and has full buy-in. We help you implement new strategies, integrate technology, engage key stakeholders and skill up your teams

Intelligence Hub

Find out more about the challenges others are facing when looking to make their customer engagement more intelligent and the solutions they can adopt, by visiting our Intelligence Hub for the latest insights