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Developing a content and contact strategy for Cifas

Developing a content and contact strategy for Cifas
Cifas content strategy

Cifas, the fraud prevention organisation, has appointed The Intelligent Marketing Institute to help improve its approach to member engagement. As a not-for-profit organisation with over 330 members across the financial services, telecommunications and public sector, Cifas recognises the importance of effective communications with its members.

TIMI is focussing on both Cifas’ approach to content and contact strategy. In doing so, our consultants are assessing how Cifas currently engages with its members and creating a development strategy that will allow Cifas to make incremental changes. This is being done in close working collaboration with the marketing and communications team at Cifas, as well as stakeholder engagement across the organisation.

Emma Smyth, head of external affairs at Cifas, said: “Delivering a great member experience is always a top priority for Cifas as our members rely on us to provide clear, accurate and insightful information that will help them prevent fraud. We appointed The Intelligent Marketing Institute to help identify how we can further improve our member experience and we have been impressed at how swiftly the team has worked with us to create a complete picture of our approach to content and member contact. While not afraid to challenge our existing approach they have also been deeply pragmatic in putting forward a development roadmap which we can achieve and which clearly shows how our member engagement will be improved.”

About Cifas

Cifas is a not-for profit organisation working in the UK. Our mission is to deter, detect and prevent fraud and fraud-related crime in society. We do this by harnessing data and technology and working in partnership.

We have operated for over 27 years and have more than 330 members working with us from a variety of sectors, including major banks, building societies, insurance companies, telecommunications and public sector bodies. You can see a full list of Cifas members here.

Cifas works on the principle that fraudsters don’t work in silos and neither can we. Cifas members record their confirmed fraud cases in our database so that other members can review relevant cases to protect people from identity theft or conduct investigations into fraud attempted against their organisation.  To read more about Cifas fraud types please see our annual report, Fraudscape.

Cifas also protects individuals who are at risk of becoming victims of fraud through our Protective Registration service. A similar scheme, Protecting the Vulnerable, is in place to ensure that some of the most vulnerable in society do not fall victim to predatory criminals.

Last year Cifas Members reported preventing over £1 billion of fraud through their use of Cifas and our confirmed fraud cases are referred to the police, every day.

About The Intelligent Marketing Institute

The Intelligent Marketing Institute (TIMI) is a specialist customer engagement consultancy offering top-tier marketing expertise. We help you overcome the issue of internal silos contacting your customers independently with conflicting comms, gain insight on your real-time audience needs through the comms they are consuming and also allow sales attribution to marketing activity. We do this by aligning your end-to-end communications around customer journeys. We offer a variety of services ranging from a review of your existing customer engagement capabilities to understand what is going on, what is working well, what needs to be improved and identifying quick wins. We then design a range of new strategies including Customer Journey Mapping, a Content Strategy, a Customer Contact Strategy as well as Technical and Process designs. Finally we work alongside you to implement these new strategies, which can include the introduction and integration of new technologies, internal training and stakeholder engagement. Our approach is to work with you and skill up your internal teams so we leave a vastly improved business that engages intelligently with their customers and as a result achieves significant business growth.