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Technical and Process Design






Our speciality is in technical marketing and how a combination of marketing software can be used to develop new systems and business processes. This is important because marketing is different to other parts of the business because it has unique relationships to agencies and other partners that means marketing processes and systems are often spread amongst more than one organisation as well as more than one department. Marketing is a delicate ecosystem with many moving parts that are not found in other parts of the business and if not managed and designed carefully can have real impact to your business. Below is an overview of our key areas of expertise.

1. Marketing Technology

1. Marketing Technology

Marketing is now all about technology but it can be a minefield to decide what technology is right for your business both functionally and from an architectural point of view. You may already have systems in place that you need to use better, integrate with or mothball. We help you navigate this complex world of marketing technology.

2. New Processess

2. New Processess

Implementing new systems and getting the best out of them is not just a question of switching on or logging in and getting started. You will need to “flex” the new system to suit you but not so much that it becomes over-customised and impossible to upgrade. We can help re-engineer your marketing processes to get the best from your whole ecosystem.

3. Team Organisation

3. Team Organisation

The impact of a new piece of technology or system on an organisation in terms of structures, roles, responsibilities, goals and working practices can be dramatic. We can help you redesign your marketing organisation to be their creative best whilst also getting the most out of your new system by aligning it with the new processes and ensuring everyone knows how to use it.


Outputs & Deliverables

  • Clear understanding of your current technology usage
  • Clear understanding of how your existing technology can improve
  • Impartial proposal of the new technology and integrations you need
  • Defined strategy on how your systems and technology will work
  • A fully documented plan on team roles and responsibilities
  • Full support in implementing new technology and processes

Benefits & Results

  • Significant cost savings due to a streamlined technology stack
  • A joined up customer experience due to systems integrations
  • Increased data and insight on your audiences
  • Data and process duplication removed saving time and money
  • Increased efficiencies through streamlined processes
  • Organisation, process and systems alignment

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